“I have been meaning to email you for a very, very long time as I feel my opinion and appraisal of your product is not only a true and an impartial view but also an important review to a very special targeted audience albeit a testimony to your entire family of users.

I am a amputee having had my right leg removed below the knee a little over 5 years ago due to a motorcycle accident. Not long after this I started having heaps of skin problems due to the fitting of various prosthetic solutions. Due to these issues and finding no relief from the recommend sorberlene products, I was given Vegesorb to try by my daughter and have never looked back.

I can and will attest to your products effectiveness to its fullest potential for amputees skin challenges in any and every respect. I will and can to extend this to the fact of no recorded issues to the silicon liners that I (as to all other amputees I'm confident) need to use to connect my leg to the prosthetic leg sockets. ”

2018 - Graeme W Birkdale Qld

“The Eczema association of Australia Inc has known of and had dealings with the company Vegesorb Australia Pty Ltd and their product Vegesorb.

We advise that we are happy to pass along information about this product to our members and the public and are aware that many eczema sufferers use this product under the guidance of a Health Professional.

Our dealings with this company have shown them to be professional, reliable and responsible and we have no hesitation in acknowledging their commitment to the production of quality products”

Eczema Association of Australia, Cleveland, Qld

“I suffer from eczema and severe allergic reactions on my face, I’ve been prescribed a number of ointments and creams all have burnt my skin causing more irritation. In 2005 I was suffering from a bad case of eczema, my partner went to the local chemist, brought the first natural moisturiser he found (that being Vegesorb), hoping it would bring some relief. And it did, it cooled my face and eased the itching. It did not burn or cause any pain, nor was it oily it only brought relief.

3 years later my partner and I have not used any other moisturiser and never will. To finally have found a product that’s safe enough to use on my skin that’s made here in Australia is wonderful.

We will continue to use Vegesorb and recommend it to all our friends and family."

Ms J.T. Melbourne, Vic


“My family and I have been using your fabulous product since its recommendation by my mother. We all suffer from dry skin so use it on a regular basis.

My husband suffers from dermatitis/eczema and my five year old daughter suffers from eczema. Since using Vegesorb, my husband's dermatitis/eczema is more manageable and he does not need to use as much prescription steroid creams as he has in the past.

My daughter does not need to use anything else but Vegesorb twice a day to keep her skin eczema free.

Thank you for such a lovely product - we highly recommend it.”

Mrs. H.R., Dales Creek, Vic


“Thank you for such a good product. I have been using Vegesorb for years now and it is really helpful for my skin. I use it as a face wash and moisturiser. It has helped the eczema I didn’t realise it was a local product."

Karen – 2009 Team Ethiopia, Upper Kedron, Qld


“I have my mother, sister-in-law, husband using your face cream. I buy it all the time. I will tell my friends about it too. I am 52 also a psoriasis suffer I don't have the redness or stinging on the chin anymore. I am very impressed with your product, I have been using your product now for six months."

Mrs. C.E., Adelaide, SA


“I am writing to support your creation. In many ways I am also writing to express my admiration for your work as I have waited for what seems a long time until I could use a topical cream to improve and manage dry skin and which uses ‘real’ natural and harmonious contents.

Although I do not have what medically may be termed as ‘problem skin’ I do suffer from dryness of the skin after years of exposure to the sun and extreme conditions, heat, cold, wind and sometimes snow. The harshness of using cleansers or alternative soaps of which there are many in the market have left my face dull looking. After years of consulting Dermatologists I was close to giving up.

After many trials and disappointments Vegesorb has been the only cream I can use without it causing allergies, rashes, mild acne vulgaris, greasiness, and overall discomfort. As a man I am not used to taking care of my face but after many years of being in extreme conditions that caused my skin to tighten, peel or even burn I have had to take care of it. The only reason I wish to let you know all these opinions is because I hope you can continue making the work you do.”

Mr. M.A., Prospect, Tas


“My husband suffered for many years with irritations, allergies and renal itch with prolonged use of medication. For minor short term relief, we used some medicated cream at least 6 times per day. We tried anything and everything to make a difference. Anything we tried was time consuming and uncomfortable and usually needed to be washed off as it only inflamed his skin.

A few months ago we were introduced to Vegesorb.

We used it as a soap, then after drying off, rubber it on his skin, What an awesome day long relief. After enduring years of torment we acquired a cream that worked long term, easy to use and with no side effects! Within a couple of days his skin replenished, became soft and healthy looking, instead of being scaly and dry. Welts and red patched disappeared.

His last few months were itch and irritation free. We have passed this on to other people in similar circumstances – amazingly enough Vegesorb has worked for everyone.”

Mrs. J.L., Dalby, Qld

“I have been purchasing Vegesorb for a number of years now. I suffer from extremely dry skin and Vegesorb absorbs immediately into my skin leaving it soft and smooth. My skin cannot do without its daily application.

I am often asked how I manage to have such lovely soft skin by friends and acquaintances. This I put down to Vegesorb.

Thank you for such a wonderful product and I highly recommend it.”

Mrs. J.B., Kangaroo Flat, Vic


“It is the best moisturizer for my sensitive and reactive skin”

Mrs. M.B., Maroubra, NSW


“Chemotherapy treatment caused my skin to become dry and rough. After using Vegesorb which has vegetable oils and natural extracts, my skin became soft and healthy. I truly recommend this wonderful product”

Mrs. M.S, Burpengary Qld


“I visited the Melanoma Centre (South Brisbane) on Monday and got a 10/10 report on my facial and neck skin at age 47. I told the Doc that many years ago I was recommended by a Skin Specialist to use Aqueous Cream on my sensitive skin, which I did for years. Then I discovered Vegesorb a few years ago and have been using it instead ever since and it's terrific. My Doc had not heard of it but has heaps of samples of other moisturisers etc. I think it would be a good opportunity for you to market the product further through the Offices of GPs specialising in Skin Cancer checks and treatments."

A.C., Brisbane Qld

“I just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic product. I have been using vegesorb on my face for at least 5 yrs now and it’s just terrific. I am 47 and often get told I don’t look it as I have lovely skin and I remember one day I wanted to buy a foundation for my face and the young sales girl who would have been no older than 20 said to me why do you want it you have beautiful skin and coloring and I don't think you need it. I put this down to my vegesorb.

I have over the years of using this given away some of mine for people to try, even my son of 24 uses it on his face. Once again congratulations and I hope this product NEVER gets deleted."

Mrs D.S, Golden Beach  QLD

“I just wanted to say that I LOVE your product! I have just moved back to Australia from 3 years abroad and my skin has been temperamental with all the climate adjustments! My skin has been pretty irritated and nothing I've been using has really helped. I came across Vegesorb in a chemist in Brisbane City and thought I'd give it a try. Well I've been pleasantly surprised and wanted to let you know! Don't stop making it - I always seem to find a lovely product and then it vanishes!"

Ms D.J, Brisbane Qld

"For the past 5 years, our Compounding Laboratory has used Vegesorb successfully as the main base for our Compounding creams for a range of uses from Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy to Medicated Skin Condition treatments. It has proven to be a very reliable and consistently excellent product."

Aspley Medical Centre, Aspley

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