Moisturisers - Fact and Fiction

Moisturisers are full of promises, and often at a high price. But how do they really work?

How moisturisers work

Different people need different things from a moisturiser.

Skin type, age, affects of the environment (such as air conditioning), and whether the skin is prone to any skin conditions like acne or pimples, are all variables in how a moisturiser works effectively for the user.

Most moisturisers do just what they say, moisturise.

Firstly, they act as a barrier, stopping water loss while preventing external elements from drying out your skin.

Secondly, some contain ingredients (such as glycerine) that attract and lock onto water molecules, keeping them on the skin.

Because your skin is a single, complete organ, some experts recommend using moisturiser on your whole body.

Full of promises

There's a fine line between reality and overactive marketing when it comes to the flowery descriptions that often crowd cosmetic packaging.

If we're to believe the advertising hype, our skin is a separate entity that thinks, breathes and requires its own personal nourishment, including vitamins

In fact, it's not proven that vitamins or enzymes can become available to skin cells simply by applying them to the skin's surface.

A simple solution is not to believe everything you read.

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