International Sales

Unfortunately we do not have international distributors but we do sell direct to individuals in several countries.  Most sales are to those who have visited Australia and purchased Vegesorb and wish to continue using our product.

For economy, the most popular international sale is 1Kg

Freight is generally standard Australia post air mail which takes between 7 - 10 days to deliver and cost varies because of quantity and country.  Sea mail is cheaper but delivery time is 2 - 3 months.

We require prepayment in Australian dollars.

We have a paypal account which offers the most efficient and economical payment method at about 3.4% of the total invoice cost plus a small fee which compares favourably with bank fees of about $40 for bank cheques or direct credit charges for generating and processing payment.

For example, the maximum for a $100 order would be $AUS4.70.

Anyone can open a paypal account simply by contacting them. They do not charge a fee for creating an account and do not have monthly fees and you can use your credit card on Paypal. 

Please note that you do not need to actually open a Paypal account if you choose to pay with your credit card.  We do not have facilities to accept credit card payments direct to us but as mentioned above you can use your credit card via Paypal.


Please Contact Us for a quote


To make a payment, please enter the amount you would like to pay, and then click on the "Proceed to Payment" button.

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