Hints / Uses

  • After shave
    • Excellent alternative after shave for men
  • Aged care facilities
    • Massage
    • General moisturiser
    • Base for therapeutic substances
  • Clipper burn/rash for dogs

                  Used successfully following grooming with clippers

  • Compounding Pharmacies
    • Used successfully as a base for compounding in several pharmacies
  • Convenience
    • The 100g tube can be carried in hand bags and on overseas air flights
  • Podiatrists
    • For massage and cracked heels
  • Scalp treatment
    • Use as an alternative to shampoo for people with dry scalp, massage into scalp and rinse out.
  • Soap alternative
    • Use a mix of 50% Vegesorb and 50% water as a soap alternative
  • Therapeutic benefit
    • Select a suitable essential oil and add 1% oil to vegesorb for therapeutic purposes or to create your preferred fragranced moisturiser

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