Scentual Body & Soul - Summer 2001

Clients and friends often ask me for "insider tips" on skin care, particularly how to avoid paying more for a basic, effective moisturiser than you really need to. The very first thing I always explain to them is exactly what a "good moisturiser" does.  View Full Story >>

Brisbane Extra - August 2001

There are some occasions when you're glad you're a bloke, especially when it comes to cosmetics. There is a real argument over whether they (cosmetics) really work. What there is no argument over is that doctors say we all need a sunblock and a moisturiser.  View Full Story >>

Brisbane Extra - August 2003

Fancy packaging, fragrances and colours will not enhance your moisturiser to work efficiently, its the product inside the packaging.

Vegesorb does not contain fragrances or colours or petrochemicals and based on vegetable oils is rapidly absorbed by the skin.

Colours in a moisturiser only satisfy the eye when viewing the packaging, the colour is not evident when applied to the skin!!

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